AnnapolisParking.com provides helpful information for paying parking citations or requesting residential permits on-line.



Please enter the information exactly as it appears on the citation.

Please enter the citation number below.

How to Enter Your License Plate Number (Left to Right; Top to Bottom)

If there are vertical characters before the main number, please enter the vertical characters first (top down), then the remaining number.

If there are vertical characters after the main number, please enter the main number first then the vertical characters (top down).

If the vertical characters are located within the main number, please enter the main number starting from the left and then the vertical characters (top down) when they appear, followed by the remaining portion of the main number.





Permits are restricted to Annapolis residents only.


Yearly, Daily or Multiday Permits are eligible for purchase.

 If purchasing a permit please have proof of residency and a copy of your vehicle registration that can be uploaded at time of purchase. 


To upload new or additional documentation please click on 'Get Permits' followed by 'Next' to proceed to the Proof of Residency page.